beyond room 56

Room 56 at El Prado Museum. A security guard, exhausted and eager to finish his night's work, falls asleep under one of the paintings by Bosch, the Flemish painter. Falling so deeply, he connects with the surrealism of this painter by going on an adventure throughout the Flemish region.

This work is presented almost as a narrative essay, where dream appears as a singular experience, as a possibility to explore both non-existent and real worlds a the same time. The surrealism of the dream converges with the surrealism of the images made by AI.

André Breton said: "In this way the surrealist work can be understood as a connection of coincidences in which desire and the becoming of others converge in the dream and the result is the artist's interpretation". the end of every trip or dream, you always have to come back to reality.

ia image alejandro madrid

styling lucía lomas